How To Cure Eye Infection – Chalazion Cyst In Only 24 Hours

Eye infection or chalazion cyst on eyelid is infection caused by inflammation of the gland. This causes pressure in the eye, redness and irritation. The usual way to remove these cysts is through surgical procedure. However, now there is a natural way for their removal.

Pinkeye isn’t the only common eye infection around: styes and chalazions also take the cake.

And if you’ve ever had either one before, then you know how irritating and painful they can be.

Doctors typically recommend antibiotic ointment and drops to keep infections under control, even opting for surgery to drain these red bumps if they begin to get out of control.

While some people may require medical treatment to keep their eyes healthy, there are many home remedies that can cure your stye or chalazion without having to go to the doctor’s office.

What Causes Styes & Chalazions

Styes are small itchy bumps that appear along your lash line. They’re typically caused by bacteria or clogged oil glands and tear ducts. They tend to stay small and go away after about a month or so

On the other hand, chalazions are caused by oil glands that become clogged with makeup or dirt. The chalazion builds up slowly and becomes a large swollen bump that can lead the eyelid to swell  and obstruct your vision. Other symptoms include itchiness and pain, sensitivity to light, tearing, and blurred vision .

What You Can Do

First, boil water and put enough salt in the water to avoid burning. Let the water to cool to room temperature, and then drop the liquid into the eye. Keep water in the eye for one minute, then repeat the process several times during the day. Within 24 hours, your eye will not be irritated and the cyst will be cured.

This medicine is excellent, and it improves the proper hygiene of the eyelid.

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