10 Things You Can Learn About A Man Simply By Looking At His Friends

They say that birds of feather flock together. They also say that we’re guilty by association. In other words, as much as we might like to say that our friends are a wacky bunch with their own different quirks, the truth is that our core identities are the same. We share the same values, morals and principles. We often share the same goals. If we didn’t, why on earth would we be hanging out together? We wouldn’t! Take a look at your own squad.

You can learn a lot about yourself just by taking a look at your friends. They’re very revealing. Their oddities are your oddities, their quirks are yours, their positivity is yours, and their ambitions are yours. This means that you can also learn lots about a man by taking a look at his friends. So take a look at his entourage. Examine them, probe them. Watch them carefully. Because he is them. Let’s take a look at 10 things you can learn about a man simply by looking at his friends.

If He’s Misogynistic

Following on from the one above, obnoxious men who use vulgar language when it comes to women are probably misogynistic. And there is a strong chance that if your man doesn’t shut their conversation down, he probably secretly agrees with them. If he knew any better, he would tell them to respect women more. Silence is deafening. Be careful.

How Successful He Will Be?

Our friends rub off on us in a huge way. If they’re successful, our own chances of being a success increase massively. The opposite is true, too – the more unsuccessful they are, the more unsuccessful we will be. Friends literally build us up and bring us down. So how successful or unsuccessful are his friends? Are they achievers or losers?

Whether Or Not His Parents Might Like You

Imagine if his entire entourage was obnoxious and annoying? You might think that you’ll be a breath of fresh air to his parents, who can’t wait to meet a person who actually smells good. However, the opposite might be true. These guys are his friends for a reason, and the fact is that his parents probably like them. If you are different to his friends and stand out like a sore thumb, there is every chance you and his parents won’t get along so well.

If He’s Already Done Something Bad …

If his friends look sympathetic towards you and give you strange, pitying looks, it’s a sign that he’s already done something bad. Tread carefully.

How Likely He Is To Support You?

Your man absolutely must support you. He must be there for you at all times. He MUST have your back. Even if he disagrees with something you say, it’s his duty to defend you. So how is he around his friends when they challenge you? Does he stick up for you? Or does he feed you to the wolves and let them mock you? If he can’t stand up for you around his friends, he’s probably not going to be super supportive at any point.

What His Lifestyle Is Like?

Don’t fancy dating a man who goes out drinking every weekend with his buddies, literally without fail? Then take a look at his friends. One look at his squad will tell you all you need to know about his lifestyle, and how compatible it is with yours. If he’s constantly getting drunk, playing video games and going to sports games, it might be a massive red flag if you’re not into any of that stuff.

How Likely He Is To Settle Down

If you’d love to settle down with him, take a look at his friends. If none or most of them haven’t settled down yet, there is every chance he won’t be convinced to be the first out of them to be the one who does.

His Values

How do his friends treat other people? With respect, or with disdain? What do they value most in life? Education or bumming around? Are they happy or nihilistic? Whatever their values are, his are likely to be the same.

How Serious He Is About You

Lastly, let’s imagine that you’ve not even met his friends. Let’s imagine that he’s kept them from you, always making up excuses so that you can’t meet them. Or perhaps he’s dragged out the dreaded “Oh, you wouldn’t like them anyway,” line. All of these are major red flags. If he doesn’t seem willing to let you meet his buddies, it’s a MASSIVE sign that he’s not as serious about this relationship as you are. Take the sign as it is and move on.

How Likely He Is To Cheat?

What are his buddies like when it comes to the opposite gender? Are they obnoxious and vulgar? Do they often speak of women as though they’re objects? Is Showgirls one of their favourite movies? More to the point, are they all addicted to Tinder and hook-ups? And if they do have regular girlfriends, do they talk about them often and invite them out? Or do you literally never see them? Or are they the opposite? Are they charming, polite and strictly monogamous? Do they talk lovingly about their girls and do they invite them out?

The way a man’s squad treats their women is very telling. If there is a strong whiff of cheating in there, you need to see this as a red flag – especially if your man himself doesn’t seem to condemn it.


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